Thank you for visiting the online ministry of the Lake Erie Church of God.  We have created this interactive website for you to be able to learn more about the mission and vision of our church.  In doing so, you will see that we offer a variety of ministries that are perfect for you and your family.  
Here at Lake Erie Church we do not claim to be perfect people.  Rather, we are sinners who have been saved by the love and grace of God.  This is the main source of motivation behind everything that we do.  If you make the decision to visit Lake Erie Church, you will find that this is a church full of Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-filled who will love you and your family.  Our vision for everyone who attends Lake Erie Church is four-fold.  It is our goal to make sure that people are: 
Connected to God (John 8:36): we believe that this happens through salvation, water baptism, worship, and a daily prayer life.
Connected to God’s Word (Matthew 28:18-20): we believe this happens through the practice of reading and studying the Bible on a daily basis.  We feel that the Bible should guide and direct the daily lives of every believer, and that is why it needs to be read and studied as often as possible.
Connected to One Another (Ephesians 2:19): we believe that this happens through church attendance, fellowship with other believers, and service of each other.  Life is better lived with other people, and a lot of what we do here at Lake Erie Church points towards this.
Connected to God’s Mission (1 Timothy 1:12): we believe that God has given us a direct command to go into the world and make disciples.  Here at Lake Erie Church we do our best to prepare every person to do this in the context God has called them.  We place a lot of emphasis on discipleship for personal growth as well as for preparation to have a positive impact on the world.
Our goal is to see to it that every person who attends Lake Erie Church is equipped with the tools necessary to become the best communicator of the Gospel that they can be.  We would love to meet you in person and for you to be able to experience, first-hand, all that the Lake Erie Church has to offer for you and your family.  We look forward to seeing you soon.