Here at Lake Erie Church, we believe that a Christian’s life flourishes while staying connected to God, each other, and the church.  As a result, our Connect Groups seek to provide people with an environment where they can engage in meaningful relationships with others while growing in their individual walk of faith.  Our Connect Groups will launch twice a year, both in the spring and fall, with each lasting 8 weeks.  
Below is a list of the Connect Groups we are offering for the Spring 2019 semester.  Please be sure to look over these groups and see which one is the best for you.  If you have any questions, please contact our Connect Group Team Leader Leah Jones.
Spring 2019 Schedule
Moms & Tots
Facilitator: Katie Vorse
Description: Moms & Tots is a group for moms and toddlers ages 5 and under.  It is a safe environment for our kids to play together and make new friends.  Moms & Tots also allows moms to be able to come together in fellowship and share stories of stinky diapers, the terrible twos, potty training, and more.  Please come join us as we seek Godly wisdom on how to be better moms.
April 4th: Pastor Dustin and Katie’s (6-8pm)
April 20th: Story time @ Madison Library (10-11am)
May 11th: Rock Painting @ Madison Library (11am-12pm)
May 17th: Location TBD (4-6pm)
Young Adults
Facilitators: Pastor Rich & Angel Boll
Description: This Connect Group is specifically designed for young adults who are 18-30ish years old.  Whether you are single or married, you are invited to join Pastor and Sister Angel for a couple nights of fun, food, and fellowship.  Below is the schedule of events.  Please note that the cost of these events is the responsibility of the participants.  Also, if you have kids, childcare is provided at an additional fee.  
April 12th: Dinner & Bowling (Location & Time TBD)
May 24th: Dinner, Sweet Moses Ice Cream, and Super Electric Arcade (Time TBD) 
Facilitator: Billy Walter
Description: In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus instructs us to go into the world and make disciples of all nations.  Here at Lake Erie Church, we do all that we can to fulfill this calling.  If you have the desire to serve and are looking for a way to help meet the needs of those in our surrounding communities, this is the Connect Group for you.  Below is the schedule of events for this semester. Note: we will meet at Perry Sheetz before all events 
March 23rd: Door-to-Door Ministry (10am-12pm)
April 1st: Pizza Delivery to Perry Trailer Park (5:30pm)
May 11th: Madison Nursing Home Visitation (Time TBD)
Warriors in the Making
Facilitator: Richard Tyler
Description:  Warriors in the Making is our Men’s Bible Study.  This Connect Group will give you the opportunity to gather with other men, of LEC, and discover your purpose as a Christian male.  This group is open to all men, and it will take place at Brother Richard’s home.  Below is the beginning date of the study.  More dates will be discussed at the opening meeting.  If you want to learn what it means to be a better Christian man, husband, father, son, etc. this is the perfect group for you.
April 11th: Opening Study (7-8:30pm)
***Please see Brother Richard for his address 
Health & Fitness
Facilitator: Erinne Musacchio
Description:  Have you ever wanted to start a fitness plan but couldn’t because you either didn’t have the time or finances to join a local gym?  If that is the case, this is the Connect Group for you.  Over a span of 8 weeks, Erinne is going to teach you exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home!  The focus of this group will be exercising not only our physical bodies but our spiritual ones as well.  Each class will conclude with a brief Bible study.  The Health and Fitness Life Group will take place at the LEC Fellowship Hall.  If you are interested, the beginning date is listed below.
April 6th: LEC Fellowship Hall (9-10am)
Grief Share
Facilitator: Pastor Angel Boll
Description:  Grief Share is an 8 week Connect Group that will give participants an opportunity to meet with others who are on their own grief journey.  Statistics show that, during a time of grief, joys are doubled and sorrows are cut in half when the grief is shared with others.  This Connect Group will provide those who are grieving with a group of people who will walk alongside them through some of life’s most difficult circumstances.  If this applies to you, we want you to know that you are not alone.  Please come and join us as we overcome grief together.
April 1st: First group meeting (6:30-8:30pm Classroom 5)
***The class schedule will be given at this meeting
Marriage & Money
Facilitator: Melvin & Jennifer Rankins
Description:  Marriage and Money…how are they connected?  If you have ever asked yourself this question, this is the Connect Group for you.  Brother Melvin and Sister Jennifer are certified instructors of the Financial Peace University material by Dave Ramsey.  Over 8 weeks, couples are going to meet and begin to unpack this material and discover how they can apply it to their own marriage.  If you are interested in building a budget, saving money, or just simply getting out of debt, this is the Connect Group for you.  Below, the start date of this group is listed. Future dates will be given at this meeting.
April 5th: First Group Meeting (6-7:30pm Classroom 5)